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What Is Financial Freedom?

Any who yes… some truth to this. The goal is to be able to do things in life I want to do, and having the time to do them while not 100% stressing about my business and money. Does that mean NOT WORK? Hell no. It means finding a balance and getting to a point in my entrepreneurial journey that allows me to travel, take a day off whenever I want to go do something stupid or whatever the hell it is. But, still operating and running my businesses and future businesses because I am very passionate about it. And to uphold a lifestyle I’d like to have, I have to continue working.. unless all goes well and I sell off a company for 9 figures.. well then, yeah I wont be working! (Also a complete lie , I would just have more money to hire more people to do all my business ideas… I am addicted, It’s my nature). 

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