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a Look into Crazee Town USA

But like the good kind of crazee, yano?… NOT like the psycho ex girlfriend, key your car, kill ya kind of crazee… But like the I enjoy working 80 hours a week and not letting my brain rest kind of Crazee. All good though, I love my work. And like Paul Graham said “You only get one life. You might as well spend it working on something great.”

Life of Ash

Scrolling below means you are entering the brain, inappropriate comments, and world of Ashley Kirchner. Don’t be scared.. I don’t bite! 

**Updating design on this page, excuse the mess

I am currently re-designing and layout this page out! Keep in mind as to why its a unorganized mess.


Before you read - IMPORTANT

It’s important to note… I LOVE to write. My dad jokes I could write a novel in 5 minutes in my emails. Good and bad. PS my dad is my world, #1 person in my life. Dads girl.

BUT, as much as I love writing… I hate spell checking, and don’t always use correct grammer. I am going back through this little by little, but please just ignore all mispellings and gramatical errors.. there is worse things in life. Like wasabi, that stuff sucks ass.

Okay, well have fun entering my crazee ass brain and writing style 🙂


Business is in my Blood...

Of course the crazee has a lot of backstory–but long story short–one college paper started it all. A whimsical business idea typed up for class turned into a running print shop in the summer of 2015. Plus, I won an entrepreneurial compeition with this paper as well. Oh, and I won drafting regionals being one of the only girls.. (sorry boys, girls always do it better), so I ALMOST went into engineering.. but glad I skipped that.

Why do we spell it CRAZEE VS CRAZY? The domain wasn’t available for … yeah, that’s the only reason. 

I hand drew the logo first, then we took a stab at it in adobe illustrator to get it vectorized and ready for all things printing! 

– Re-capped & Written on 9/19/21

Okay REAL goal? Financial Freedom?.. What is that?

Okay REAL goal? Financial Freedom?.. What is that?

Any who yes… some truth to this. The goal is to be able to do things in life I want to do, and having the time to do them while not 100% stressing about my business and money. Does that mean NOT WORK? Hell no. It means finding a balance and getting to a point in my entrepreneurial journey that allows me to travel, take a day off whenever I want to go do something stupid or whatever the hell it is. But, still operating and running my businesses and future businesses because I am very passionate about it. And to uphold a lifestyle I’d like to have, I have to continue working.. unless all goes well and I sell off a company for 9 figures.. well then, yeah I wont be working! (Also a complete lie , I would just have more money to hire more people to do all my business ideas… I am addicted, It’s my nature). 


– Re-capped & Written on 10/6/22

The Work Life Shorts blog - Started 9/27/21

Most of this is re-capped started at 9/27/21. That is because that is when I decided to actually start jotting down what my past has been like and how the business got started. Most of it is small boy shit, again started at $0 in sales with 0 experience and just have evolved along the way. It was a slow journey to start, but I finally feel I have my footing right and we are heading into full throttle.

I am already super upset that I didn’t start jotting down thoughts in 2015, when we started. BUT I have an extremely vivid long term memory.. now short term, we wont talk about because I have a crazee brain and too much shit going on. But damn, I could still tell you what I wore on my field trip in 5th grade to a petting zoo my long term memory is just that good. So, I will be taking the time here and there as I think of things, to go re-cap more about the beginning of the business.. because there is a lot!

All future comments after this post though, may be more like “jotted down notes”, that I take in my day to day, or every other month I do a few hours of writing down what the pasts month in business involved.


Birth & Childhood - The Crazee Is Born

My life from when I was born, up until about my high school years. Very rough recap, but includes some of the funny, good, and best parts!

Work Life Shorts - Monthly updates of business

Here I recap on the weekly, monthly or whenever I feel for 100% transparent numbers, goals, and what is going on in our businesses.

2009-2013 - High School (wild ashley..)

I was an absolute, out of control, parent wanted to give me a way TYRANT. I still did well in school, but man was I a handufl. I can say that now that I am older. At the time I would have not said so. Looking back, I wonder how I made it out alive, in one piece, and how I only went got two underage tickets, one jail appearance, and community service at a baptist church.

Well, I wont tell all the stories since they are mind boggling bad, but ill share a tid bit of fun about the years that I guess made me who I am today.

Favorite Life & business quotes

An excessive amount of podcast & audible hours plus magazine and books I have read, I come across some favorite quotes weekly. This is an ever growing list, I try to add to monthly.