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My favorite books, listens & quotes

How I like to read

  1. I listen to the audio book, 2-4 times ( If its one I love )
  2. Knowing it was good enough to listen to 4 times I buy the hardback
  3. Read, pen & fold the physical book for later notes & sharing with friends
  4. I will continue to read the same books, and add in new as I hear of them

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant

A top 3 book of ALL TIME. Absolutely amazing. I cannot recommend enough. And the style it is written in, is just very refreshing & enjoyable.

How To Get Rich

An absolute staple. I love how ruthless he is. This is a few times a year listen/read for me. A forever top 3 business & light your ass on fire book. I tell everyone to read it. 

The Motive

An Austin friend recommended. His business coach I think told him to read, and told me about it. WOWIE… my role as CEO/leader. It really helped me realize what Is normal and I should be doing.

How to Make Shit Happen

It is only a 1.5 hour listen.. I probably listen 4x a month. I tend to go on benders with it. 

Good to Great

My dads bible. The only book he will ever bring up in discussion and now one of my favorites. 


Thanks to Miriam Bair, the co-owner of Keto Chow, for the Rec on this book at the Accelerate 2023

I will teach You to be rich

Has been a few years since this read, but a great read/listen.

The Mountain is You

Self-Sabotage is my middle name… ha! Loved it. Phenomenal book!

The suble art of not giving a F

A classic, all should read. I like to randomly listen to this one, here and there while working.

$100M Offers

Who does not get hyped up by Alex Hormuz? I love this guy. First heard of him on MFM pod, and now follow on IG.

The defining decade

A Rec from a friend in Austin TX. He said he wished he read it in his 20’s, as he is 31 now. I kind of felt the same while reading at 28.

The crossfire series

The ONLY fiction I will read if needing a break from all my business & life books. I have probably read & listened to the full series 5x since high school.

Die With Zero

Hyper Focus

Fanatical Prospecting

12 Rules For life

High Profit Prospecting

Fanatical Prospecting

$100M Leads

The art of focus

Quotes that inspire me

Most of these I read/listened too from my favorite books & podcasts. Quotes that light the fire under my ass, or get my thinking in ways I never have before

“If you are unwilling to fail, sometimes publicly and even catastrophically, you will never be rich” – Felix Dennis, How to Get Rich

“Ideas don’t make you rich. The correct execution of ideas make you rich” – Felix Dennis, How to Get Rich

“If you are not embarrassed by your first version of your product, you waited to long to launch” – Shaan Puri

“Just because you have a success or two under your belt does not mean you have made it. Success is never permanent and failure is never fatal. The only thing that never counts is to never give up.” – Winston Churchill

“If you have two choices choose the harder. If you’re trying to decide if you should go out running or sit home and watch tv, go running. Probably the reason this trick works so well is that when you have two choices and one is harder, the only reason you are considering the other is laziness. You know In the back of your mind whats the right thing to do, and this truck merely forces you to acknowledge it” – Paul Graham

“Business is just an idea that is just going to make other people’s lives better” – Richard Branson

“The world is a very mailable place. If you know what you want and you go for it with maximum energy and deuce and passion the world with often reconfigure itself around you much more quickly and easily than you would think” – Mark Andreasen

“There is no short cuts around quality and quality starts with people” – Steve Jobs

“You have to make a conscious effort to make your ideas about what you want from being contaminated by what seems possible” – Paul Graham

“Advertising matters because it works” – Peter Thiel

“Superior sales and distribution by itself can create a monopoly even with nonproductive differentiation the converse is not true” – Peter Thiel

“Long term planning is often undervalued by our short term world” – Peter Thiel

“Recruiting is the founders most important job” – Steve Jobs

“Brilliant thinking is rare but courage is in even shorter supply than genius ” – Peter Thiel

“The single most powerful pattern I have noticed is that successful people find value in unexpected places and they do this by thinking about business as first principles instead of formulas” – Peter Thiel

Unknown Authors

“Even though sales is everywhere, most people underestimate its importance. Distribution may not matter in fictional worlds but it does in ours. We underestimate the importance of distribution. Customers will not come just because you build it, you have to make it happen and it’s harder than it looks. “

Reinvesting right now, for the future”

“Still have to take some funds out to enjoy life”

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