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Most of this is re-capped started at 9/27/21. That is because that is when I decided to actually start jotting down what my past has been like and how the business got started. Most of it is small boy shit, again started at $0 in sales with 0 experience and just have evolved along the way. It was a slow journey to start, but I finally feel I have my footing right and we are heading into full throttle. 

I am already super upset that I didnt start jotting down thoughts in 2015, when we started. BUT I have an extremely vivid long term memory.. now short term, we wont talk about because I have a crazee brain and too much shit going on. But damn, I could still tell you what I wore on my field trip in 5th grade to a petting zoo my long term memory is just that good. So, I will be taking the time here and there as I think of things, to go re-cap more about the beggining of the business.. becasue there is a lot!

All future comments after this post though, may be more like “jotted down notes”, that I take in my day to day, or every other month I do a few hours of writing down what the pasts month in business invovled.

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