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My personal Investments, throughout the year and into 2021

Remember I am NOT using this page and platform to boast anything, it’s all a reminder & story for me as I get older for how my years went! ( And the idiot mistakes I make along the way). In all honesty, I have learned from my favorite podcast that people take money talks WAY too serious.. like end of the day, we are talking some paper and coins.. like why are we so hidden with this shit? I love when others share how much they made doing X so I can learn myself. So think of it as that, plus again I want to be able to read this 30 years down the line to see where I came from, and how my brain worked.

2020 Stock Market Crash

So when the market crashed in march of 2020 briefly I jumped on the bandwagon and set up a TD Ameritrade account. I had a lot of money saved at this time, from my entire life of saving and working.. I had ALWAYS been a tight ass, wouldn’t spend a penny and yes it was annoying but I guess it paid off for what I had in my account! 

I dropped a low 6 figures into stocks over the next months & year. SCARIEST thing I have ever done, but I was also buying as fast & as easy as I was sending snap chats.. ha! No but seriously maybe even stupid I barely put a whole ton of though into some as I set limits to buy and sell daily.. Eventually to sell quite a few, but many still holding for long term gains. 

I basically just bought into things I read about, companies I knew, and spread my money between different sectors. Airlines, cruise ines, hotels, food chains, tech etc! You really could not go wrong when it all tanked. I remember doing my taxes for 2021, and my account was impressed.. like what? How did you know to do all of this? Yeah I dont know.. I guess I am just overly confident in the shit I do, or I am a risk taker. In which I am both.. and both can lead to epic fails, and they have and I will continue to have epic fails because that is life and business. But, unless you risk it I feel you can never truly make it.

– re-capped and written in sept 2021

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