Ecom Vessel

September 2022

Hurricane cat 4 is about to his my step mom and step brother in Fort Myers, but its fine, we are all fine..

– Our new cup colors have arrived, the first samples! We are one of the only companies online that offer these pretty wedding colors in the 16 oz plastic cup.

– Shipped out some “Sippin sacks” ( , my patent pending product) to a guy I met thru a friend, going to share with friends and spread with work with his 50k+ followers

– We had some huge influencers reach out to our decked out company, for custom decking and we will be shipping them some free stuff for marketing and getting the word out!

– Just got out cooler tops online this month, and have started some sales

– I am running the very small ad spend right now for dof on META for fb & IG, once we get larger we will probably hire out NP to take control over.

– Same with blogs, as currently I am paying a guy on fiver like $50 a blog to do 2-4x a monthI created a fun new product idea middle of the day at work… ( thats how it always goes, oops ). So stopped everything I was doing to take 20 minutes to draw up the “Booze box” or “liquor caddy” idk yet what to call it? But basically I thought for people who dont drink beer, or seltzers and like to just bring a bottle of patron or Don Julio out to take shots.. we need a special cooler for.. So I sketched out something, sent it over to my supplier who makes my koozees in china, see if she can make it. As well as I am setting up a call with a company who does product design for a prototype. Yes, I move fast .. sometimes I get way to ahead of myself, but really its just excitement!

– Hurricane may also delay our marinemat decking, since they are located in Tampa.. hoping this doesn’t put us out of work for too long, while we are waiting on stock to come in

– koozee sales are NOT where they should be… wondering who to blame here, I like to blame the ad agency who handles PPC and their excuses why our ads are not being show. I do not do well with NO growth, all our companies are always growing and now they have us on track for less sales this year, which is 100% not okay and why I am sourcing out another company to run these ads.

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