Ecom Vessel

September 2021 Re-Cap

Monday 9/27/21

– One stop bride shop is about to go live, not to promote to customers yet but to get SEO going on it

– We’ve been informed our koozee blanks from China are going up in price due to China “rationing electricity” therefore the price of raw materials has gone up”.

– My supplier has informed me for the moment they can only work 1 day, close for 2, and so on. 

Thursday 9/30/21

-Made $100,000 PO for blank koozee’s to our China manufacturer due to china rationing electric, and shipping prices going up
– We are ordering in cases of hoodies to stock for our local customers because we are told there is going to be a hoodie shortage this winter
– We have been informed empty shipping containers that cost us $2500 last year, are now $5000+ and all gone. The world is having a shipping container shortage crisis
– We Have been informed shipping that use to take 30-40 days from overseas, is not 50-60 due to the ports being backed up in the US
– We have been told cotton is up 50%, and all of our apparel blanks will go up in cost
– We hired another 4 staff members in the past 4 weeks, to help with production on koozee printing and holiday DTG for our partner

September 2021 Sippin Sack – 1st Pending Patent

The sack of all sacks… yano, this aint your gpas sack. 

I got my first prototype made of my “sippin sack”, which is now trademarked, and we apply for a patent that may take 19 months to hear back.. the patent is WAY more pricey than a trademark, it was $1900, which I guess is not end of world.. but a lot of money to maybe just be turned down.I dreamt up the sippin sack idea one night, literally a dream. I came to work drew it all up on paper, in my adobe illustrator and then I sent off to my koozee supplier and said can you make this? Grace is on her shit and 2 days later had a sample made and shipped. We had a few edits, and then sent off an order for 5,000 to get some in stock! Starting with just American flag, since they are more of a redneck kind of product to fit your tobacco can

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