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October 2021 : Re-Cap

Wednesday 10/13/21


– Day started off with a live chat message from a bride to be that said “fuck off” because our auto message at 9:45 pm went ot her.

– She then responded with a “you ruined my sleep for no fucking reason”. — note to self, don’t start a business with brides.. 90% of them are insane. 

– My Print Crazee production manager & lead graphic designer of 3 years who I have taught everything too, and have really felt relieved of that part of the business due to her management put in her two weeks. Going to “work from home”. Yes I quotation that because I think work from home careers are a joke. They are destroying America and are really hurting business who just can’t have employees work at home. **I have no hate for this person, and actually have outsourced work to her because I love her style of art! She has a great rest of her future and career ahead of her.

– Old me would have cried and flipped out in that moment. But I stayed calm! 

– No worries, we will move another person other to that position, and then fill the other open chair with another production staff member since our busy koozee season is slowing anyway. Everything happens for a reason right? sure! 

**Adding comment as of 10/6/22 – I still think SOME work from home is a joke… but NOT ALL. Realizing the tools, and extra work that can be done in SOME areas of the businesses, I am about this. Later on you’ll read, but our HR is now remote as she moved and I really wanted her to stay on. I myself, CAN work remote.. but I do better when no one is around in my day to day, bothering me about bullshit. BUT I also do love love love my crew and staff, and seeing them makes me super happy so office time is great for me. ONe other reason some remote is good.. it to share the talent pool! We are limited out in the middle of fricken nowhere, and I mean no where ( literally our warehouse of 30,000 sq foot is in the fields ). So, in order to grow and pull in other talent.. we may have to expand to some out of office jobs, for specific positions. Otherwise, we are basically 100% in house because we run production.. someone still has to MAKE YOUR SHIT people!

Tuesday 10/19/21

Koozee sales have plummeted. we knew this would happen, it did the past two years but this was drastic. We are having to cut 4-7 people sadly, but in hopes to bring them back come jan/ feb! 

Saturday 10/23

– the company that hosts our “design tool” went down on our site for almost a full day. only had 3 orders, lowest sales day in a year.

– re-capped & written on 10/24/21

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