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November 2021 : Re-Cap

Meeting with our ad agency 11/8 :

Sales are going to be down for koozee most likely until end of year. The CPC is going up high for the holidays for social and google, so we are pulling back on ad spend.My dad, brother and myself had a meeting. We haves to stock up on more inventory. going to be a $150k purchase so have to figure out where to get the cash. My dad most likely will reinvest his personal money, saved for other things into this. Making sure this is what we want to do with our lives, because if we keep making these large investments there is really no turning back. Scary, but exciting!We also talked future businesses, and what we feel is best. I stated my top priories are : , , and then in the next two years I want to get coastaholic® and warmweatherville® up and running. Stop doing other things we are not passionate about, and things that do not make us moneyWed


I made a youtube vide this past summer of being an ironic asshole about how not to drive a speedboat and it hit 200k views ( it’s just an ignorant, smartass *humor* video).


Our 52′ semi full of koozies we have waited 3 months for FINALLY delivers! We struggled thru the past month or so having to switch customers and cancel orders due to no stock since worldwide shipping is a disasterWe make the decision to possibly let go of a full time staff member and look to hire a different position. It sucks, I do like this person and they are a great person but at this point in time, we just no longer have a good profitable position for this person. Now looking for a Product expansion position, to help take over some work for me so I can keep on focusing on creative and marketing since that is my sweet spot.  Koozee ended for the month of October not where we wanted, but we know oct-dec is just SLOW. So even hitting over 100k was better than last year, which is the goalJan 5th, our FIRST one stop bride shop order! We did not start ads yet, but put a banner on our website to advertise 20% off, if they test out our new website we came across some major issues, so took the banner down shortly after.. but back up two days later. then got another 7 orders without ads over the weekend. this is the perfect slow “testing” start I was hoping forSales pick back up for koozee over the weekend of jan8-10th, projecting for $120,000 – $140,000 gross for January, which would be a 20-40% increase YOY from 2021 to 2022

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