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December 2021 : Re-Cap

Tuesday 12/07/21

Have to buy another $100k worth of blank koozee’s from our overseas supplier. We are estimating sales to pickup in Jan, but hoping to 1.5x or 2x what we did last year so planning ahead. My dad has to personally pull in the money since the business does not have it right now. We used up all cash on hand for other inventory (that is STILL in transit), as well as paying off our equipment FAST. Hoping to have him paid back ASAP in 2022 for all of the personal inventory purchases! 

Personally I don’t care to have much profit in the first year for this ecom business, while we are expanding rapidly. I prefer to put it all back into the business to help grow it even larger.

Finally back to my 1.5 week old emails & to do list after having to help get production done for over a week… between 4-6 call ins a day (two weeks before Christmas), nothing I could do other than get my ass into the embroidery room & DTG production lineup.. and I work faster than anyone in our company, but I am an owner that is just how it is.  Until you got skin in the game, your life on the line and everything to lose… it just will never hit you the same.


On a personal note.. I have just about dropped all of the rest of my savings account into Bitcoin. I had been playing around with some swing trading since August. When it got up to $69k and dropped between $57-$62k I bought a LOT more.. then of course it drops again to $54k. Well, just gotta HOLD IT at this point! And make sure I have enough top pay the taxes on the profits I already sold short term this year… lol. **adding note as of 10/6/22 – it fuckin tanked more after this, but luckily I had some low buy ins and bought more low. You’ll read more later on! That is why you only invest what you can risk losing… it’s all a gamble, and I my friends, and a fricken gambler. 

My 2022 Beginning of year Work Goals

I listened to an episode of my fav podcast (my 2nd time, but really taking it in now).. and kind of changing my thoughts for the moment on goals.I go between wanting to be a huge deal in the printing & graphics industry, and maybe even make it into an entrepreneur magazine one day for my/our families businesses we are creating.. and then I flop to I just want to make a good amount, then go have fun and live off of it or comfortably. I struggle between wanting the glory an recognition and honestly the game of trying to get extremely successful vs just like working hard until I make enough, then be content with that. As of today…It’s hard, I want to be ultra successful in business because I am a competitive person, but I also want to enjoy life and travel and do all the shit. I know you can do both, but I can’t decide on which path makes more sense.

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