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March 2022

March 7th 2022 – YOTPO

Did a call with a company called YOTPO – they were recommended by our ppc company smart sites. honestly amazing call, I was a little overwhelmed with the costs, but I feel they will be a great asset to our e-com as we grow! Have to talk it over with my dad/partner to decide if we will jump on it or not, due to it being pricey, and it’s a 1 year commitment, not month to month.

March 8th 2022 – Another one bites the dust

Wake up to a notice a long time staff member is leaving, but gave her 1 month notice. when this happens for staff I love, I have a complete meltdown and panic attack, but was able to calm myself. Offer other options. Alternative options are offered, and maybe even some company wide changes will be made for our future her and where we see ourselves. In the afternoon my then 1 year HR girl tells me she is moving in two months. so mental breakdown #2 of the day occurs. You’ll find that to be my pattern… I am a QUICK reacter, freak the fuck out, and then I calm down. Do not want to be around me in the first 10 minutes when bad new breaks… I am unbearable and will rip your head off and make you cry.. okay, not the crying part, maybe thats just me who is crying LOL.

March 9th – WHY WHY WHY…

I think it’s a sign from god, that we are to close down our print shop. Literally now our screen print partner ( our local parter who does the printing for apparel for screen printing in house ) told us in the next 20 days they are closing down shop because they are not making money. Panic sets in, we are just now expanding business in the lake of the ozark, mainly for screen print in all honesty and now we may not have a printer. Starting to really think we have to re-think all we have been doing, and maybe we need to pivot in business.

You don’t even wanna know how much ice cream, chocoalte, and sugar I ate within these three days… would make you sick.

March 25th – In the Air

Writing this from the sky above the Caribbean on the 2 hour plane ride from Miami to St Thomas and then I’m off off to St. Croix with dad , for a birthday retreat ! Already in the 2 hour plane ride I’ve created a crazy long list of ideas, creatives and more for the businesses and future businesses.

For my mind to actually let go and do the creative thinking I need for our business I HAVE to get away. Almost all business ideas I’ve created are dreamt up while away from my home base. I know some may think that’s bullshit and an excuse to “vacation” but that’s how I breathe for a moment and let my creative juices flow.

Thoughts on today plane :

– Decked out franchise ?

– Need to hit 2-4 new countries a year as a life goal to hit them all.

– The thought of how to travel the world, make income, and also have kids one day.

– Listening to how to get rich and understanding some key points my dad and business partner have told me for a long time but I ignore.

– Deciding one day we need to hire an experienced and expensive Person to really take a deep dive into finances , income, profit and future of the business vs just “winging it”.

– Expensive and scary thoughts, a Quote from audio , out of many that hit me : “just because you have a success or two under your belt does not mean you have it made. Success is never permanent and failure is never fatal. The only thing that really counts is to never never never give up. Winston Churchill .”

Thursday 3/31 – Bye St. Croix

Our last day on St. Croix and we went to the leatherback brewery which makes their local branded beers. It’s right by the airport so we thought on our way out we see it. It’s always been a dream of my dads to own his own little micro brewery. We start getting all over the top with our crazee business ideas and throw out the idea maybe one day it will happen. Only time will tell and we will see where our current and future businesses take us!

Also Rome is not burning back home at the office my dad assures me the entire trip, but I just take some things to much to heart when they are not that big of a deal actually. This trip open my mind and thoughts to our current business and future businesses and how I want my life to look. Paying a few key people more to help run and manage, even if it’s more than what I make just so I have the freedom to travel like I want. I have to get out of the m-f 6am-6pm mindset I have my dad reminds me but it’s HARD. That’s how the world is and how I’ve always been but I need to realize I make my own schedule as long as the work is getting done and we keep growing. I’m making a bet in the next year I do 3-4 weeks of remote work at some point in the winter.. we shall see!

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