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April 2022

April 8th 2022 – The Decked Out Factory

We got our 1st half down for a boat for the decked out factory in Missouri! Our new business that just started in February. It’s been a slow start, but hopefully moves quick. Our goal is $500k-$750k for the first year. Maybe we are a little overly optimistic, but hitting it hard with advertising. Its only a 3 person team there now, and I plan to be there this summer hopefully 4-5 days a week for a few months, to really be they are hands on. I can almost do this now as I have taught most of my home base crew how to do tasks in house without me. Using a new software for us called Asana for tasks / project management has made a world of a difference working with the crew. 

**adding info on 10/6/22 – you’ll read later.. way overly optomistic realizing how much locals and others who don’t run real businesses are undercutting the market. It’s okay, we have pivoted into more e-com and lots of other fun things to come.. stay tuned!

4,000 weeks — a fav audio book ( listened 3 times )

Quote from 4000 weeks listening to on the plane  “In the long run we’re all dead”. Wow, makes you think…(ps, looked up what the original author who wrote the slogan meant by it.. not how I take it, so feel it how you want to feel it ).

April 17th 2022

4 months wait time on some new blank koozies is over! We have over 250 customers who wanted to wait until these came in, to continue with their orders so they could get the colors they wanted. Production went from 60 days in hand, to 90 and its varies around there.

We also had to rush a PO for 45 days and pay more since we were so negative on stock. I don’t really believe in putting 0 on my website for stock, I have been jus noting to customers when stock is back in.. and then they can still order. If I would have not done that, we could be 250 order short right now, which is about $45,000 gross in sales.

We made a commitment with a new app company, called YOTPO. Hoping they greatly affect how much e-com business our koozee crazee & one stop bride shop bring in! Its about a $10k a year investment.

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