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Top Business Podcasts


Big podcast binger.. and honestly these have changed my life in business for the better. 

#1 : My First Million

– I will probably never move this off my #1 spot! I am pretty obsessed with these two. This podcast alone has really inspired some growth and push in my companies. 

– This will sound WILD ( or Crazee, that is my name)… but a reason I wanted to move to Austin, was after hearing how Sam lives here part time and they do events. Well, I can never fly down quick enough to attend. So I realized big picture I need to be in an area and surround myself with other like minded entrepreneurs and in an area I can network and attend these types of things.

– I found my ad agency who I now pay over $300,000 a year because of this pod ( Neil Patel Agency )

– Found my all time favorite book from this pod. Felix Dennis, How to get rich – I have read 4 times.. it’s basically my bible. Love this fucking dude.

#2 : Founders

– Super cool. I love listening to these stories of founders and love how he summarizes the best parts

#3 : All in 

– Honestly just started this, but it’s a fantastic listen and im excited to keep binging It

#4 :

– New name reeled me in, the interviews kept me intrigued

#5: MindPump

– Who doesnt love 4 jacked dudes bullshitting about fitness

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